XP-101 Predator All Purpose Deception

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Camo Pattern:Predator All Purpose Deception
Dimensions:77" x 77" Hub to Hub
Floor Space:60" x 60"
Center Height:Approx. 71"
Weight:Approx. 26 lbs.
Fully adjustable 180° window to the front
Multiple windows on the rear to give you a full 360° view when needed.
Equipped with 12 ground stakes and 4 ropes for tie down.
Rhino Blind Rhino Blind Rhino Blind Rhino Blind Rhino Blind Rhino Blind

The window system in the XP-101 consists of a large front panel of solid fabric sewn at the bottom with silent hook and loop attachments on the sides and top. The roomy rear windows are attached by a silent hook and loop system for easy adjustment.

The only velcro on the blind is on the shoot through mesh where it is necessary for the hunter to be able to remove it before he goes into the woods or so we can replace it when needed. There is no velcro noise to spoil your hunt.

Blind Specific Camo

Rhino Blinds utilizes Predator All Purpose Deception that is enlarged to help bigger objects blend in with their surroundings.

Shoot Through Netting

Rhino Blinds Shoot through netting is attached by hook and loop at the top giving you the option to shoot through it with most broad heads or silently configure it the way you like.


The Rhino XP-101 blind is constructed of a True 600 denier polyester. This means the fabric is 600 denier thread in both the horizontal and vertical weave.

UV Protection

Rhino Blinds are treated to slow down the harmful effects of the sun. Our Treatment occurs in the printing process and is not just a topical application that we feel does little to prevent fading.

Rapid Deployment

Rhino Blinds are fast to set up and take down. With a little practice setting the blind up can be accomplished in under ten seconds.

DWR and Antimicrobial Treatment

Rhino Blinds are treated with a durable water repellent to protect the hunter and an antimicrobial to help with mold and mildew ensuring you a quality product.

Structural Integrity

Rhino Blinds are built tough and designed to with stand the pressure of collapsible hubs, without stretching or rods breaking.

Reinforced Stress Points

Rhino Blinds have reinforcements at the corners to prevent rods popping through the fabric.

Over Sized Carrying Bag

Rhino Blinds carrying bag is made from the same fabric as our blind. We also have back pack style straps to help you carry it where you need it.

Factory Treated UV Blocker

Rhino Blinds are treated at the factory to kill the Blue White Glow caused by optical brighteners applied in the printing process which are easily seen by game animals and birds on untreated blinds.

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    XP-101 Predator All Purpose Deception